Is it time for you to reap the benefits of owning a turn key business?

We will show you How to take advantage of the digital healthcare trend, and make money doing it. 

We offer a simple solution with:
• No investment to start
• No inventory to buy
• Enjoy monthly recurring income
• A Complete done-4-you business  
We will show you how to offer a complete Healthcare Solution for Individuals, Families, Employers and Groups at a fraction of the cost. Start your own business and make money today with our fully automated turn key solution.
Health alliance network is A subscription based healthcare company
Why Health Alliance Network?
I knew from the moment I saw the Health Alliance Network program, this was for me.  I have always wanted a "work from anywhere" lifestyle that could give me a great income opportunity. Plus, Health Alliance Network has been providing digital healthcare services since 2017!
Alexa O - California

Why Now?
We are a digital healthcare company that is bringing healthcare online in a moment of greatest need.  It's almost like an "Uber for patients", where doctor-patient visits are held via video-chat or phone-calls in a matter of minutes, without waiting days or even weeks.

Disruption of Healthcare
Amazon, Netflix, Uber and others have raised consumer expectations sky high for frictionless, convenient online experiences.  Healthcare is no different.  Consumers expect more from their healthcare providers and we deliver more.
Creative Marketing Content
We understand that having the right message is important to your success.  Our creative team is constantly developing multi-media marketing content for use with social media, email and more to help you succeed.

Employee Recruiting Video
This video is one sample of creative content we make available to you and your team.

Cutting Edge Business Model
We have a healthcare solution that everyone can afford.
Become an Affiliate

Anyone who cares about others and wants to create real recurring monthly income can become a Health Alliance Network Affiliate. It doesn't require special skills, prior experience or a special license. Our "Telemedicine" business is easy to understand, easy to demonstrate and fun to share with others!  "it cost nothing to get started"

When you join Health Alliance Network as an Affiliate, you’re connected to your enrolling sponsor and a team that celebrates and cultivates your personal growth and successes. With a knowledgeable, experienced team behind you, we'll have you up and running in minutes.

There are 3 levels of entry, Affiliate, Agent and Broker.  Click Learn More to get started now.

Come for the Prescription. Stay for the Healthcare.

Medical • Dermatology • Mental Health • Prescriptions • EMR • Labs and Bloodwork

Healthcare with No Co-Pays. No Deductibles. No Per Visit Fee.

Like a Gym Membership, Healthcare Memberships are becoming more and more popular. See a doctor when and where you want. Our Healthcare Membership Includes you and your entire household at no additional cost.

When it comes to Quality of Care, Numbers Speak for Themselves

2000 Doctor Consults Completed per Day

Our doctors are ready when you are.  24.7 anywhere, anytime.

75% of People say they prefer Telehealth and Telemedicine over traditional doctor office visits,
even the CDC says "Use Telehealth to Expand Access to Essential Health Services"

4.5 Minute Average Wait Time

I want it now.  We live in a modern world that convenience and saving time is
at the top of the list.  We don't make you wait for quality care.

Our doctors are the same doctors you would see for Primary Care, Urgent Care
and even in the Emergency Room.

98% Customer Satisfaction

We're not perfect, but we're getting there.  98% of our customers say they were
satisfied with our service and would recommend our service to family and friends.

Survey:  67% of our customers say they would have gone to go to an ER if
they didn't have access to Telemedicine.

97% Resolution on First Call

When you want to see a doctor, you want three things.  
1.  Diagnosis (what's wrong),
2.  Plan of Care (what should I do)
3.  Prescription if needed
Our doctors can do that.

Save up to 90% on Lab Tests and No Doctor Office Visit Needed

Here's another great Benefit from a Health Alliance Network Membership. Order blood tests and lab test online and take charge of your health care and your wallet! We have over 2,100 Service Centers Nationwide (we currently do not serve NY, NJ and RI)

We know it’s hard to achieve good health without a dedicated health partner that takes the time to address your health concerns. That’s why Health Alliance Network is different. From the very first day your physician will deliver an experience that rivals or exceeds ordinary primary care practices.  Start sharing and earning from this amazing opportunity today.

There are 3 levels of entry to Joining Health Alliance Network, become an Affiliate, Agent or Broker. Click Learn More to see the difference.

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