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What's included with the Broker package?

  • Our maximum compensation plan is immediately available to anyone who upgrades to Broker
  • ​​Higher commission payouts with 10X more earnings of the affiliate compensation plan
  • ​4 Tiers of total Compensation plus Bonuses
  • ​​​Get paid 200% more on 3 tiers
  • ​​Bonus Payouts monthly
  • ​Health Alliance Network branded email account with unlimited storage
  • ​​High Commissions on your personal sales
  • ​High Commissions on the sales of other Brokers, Agents and affiliates
  • ​​Back Office access to track sales and commissions
  • ​​Back Office access to track your sales organization activity
  • ​​Your own direct links you can share
  • ​​Support infrastructure for agents, customers and products
  • ​​Corporate backing and resources
  • ​​Business management support
  • ​​VIP first access to exclusive Digital Content
  • ​​​PLUS.... get a $200 Bonus for every Broker you enroll

Upgrade from Agent to Broker for a One Time charge of only $399!

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