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Upgrade Now from Agent to Broker and
Earn 10X More than Affiliates and Get a $200 Bonus for every Broker you add to your team!
Are You Ready to Put the 10X platform to work for you.

We shared our 10X Plan  with some of our Top Performers and ask them what they liked most about the 10X plan,  here's what they had to say...

"I have NEVER seen commission-generating plans quite like these!"

We mostly heard, "there is  no inventory to buy and massive commissions are being paid out, this is truly a digital business you can share with others and operate from anywhere in the world"

After reading hundreds of these types of comments, we were TOTALLY CONVINCED

We needed to share this plan with as many people as possible who are looking to grow their own business

 We began to look for a common thread in the comments from our Top Performers

Here was the simple answer "the 10X Plan is genius when you include all the bonuses".  It gives ordinary people a chance to make an extraordinary income, for the exact same effort as an affiliate.

So here's what we did, we created the 10X commission stack!  Simply put, you get paid 10X the amount of an affiliate.  That means a $1.50 payout becomes a $15 payout, PLUS you get paid 200% more on an additional 3 tiers and a $200 Bonus for every Broker you add to your team.

You can build a team and create a lifetime of income, getting paid every month on every customer on any plan

This one decision could make the difference between earning $2,000 and $200,000!  Get Paid the 10X Commission Stack when you become a 10X Broker

You know how the old saying goes: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…”

Well, here's the water, now it’s your turn to get a drink.

Swag bag offer subject to change from time to time without notice.

Make the right decision to earn the max for your efforts.  Become a 10X Broker now.

  • Our maximum compensation plan is immediately available to anyone who upgrades to Broker
  • ​Higher commission payouts with 10X more earnings of the affiliate compensation plan
  • 4 Tiers of total Compensation plus Bonuses
  • ​​Get paid 200% more on 3 tiers
  • ​Bonus Payouts monthly
  • ​Health Alliance Network branded email account with unlimited storage
  • ​High Commissions on your personal sales
  • ​High Commissions on the sales of other Brokers, Agents and affiliates
  • ​Back Office access to track sales and commissions
  • ​Back Office access to track your sales organization activity
  • ​Your own direct links you can share
  • ​Support infrastructure for agents, customers and products
  • ​Corporate backing and resources
  • ​Business management support
  • ​VIP first access to exclusive Digital Content
  • ​​PLUS.... get a $200 Bonus for every Broker you enroll

BONUS!!!  How to put your 10X plan into action!

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